A whole galaxy to play with, up to, 100 friends online, and the best part, it is for free!

Will you subdue every race?

Will you engage into diplomacy?

Or will you find the mystic portal to Vega?

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Master of Vega is a 4X Space Strategy turn based game with a lot of improvements to make the player experience easier and allow him enjoy the game while not having to spend too much time.


An online game setup either for you and your friends or for a massive setup capable to hold up to 100 players from anywhere in the world.


Learn while enjoying a game with your friends.

Play at the same time

All players can play their turns at the same time, so your friends don't have to wait for you to finish!

Dedicated Server Infrastructure

Forget about having to host your games on your machines, or having to remember ip addresses, our servers are powerful and the games are very easy to set up.

Set your own game pace

Since the game is turn based, your game duration will be based on the galaxy size. You may play a quick game in a small galaxy or a very long game in a huge galaxy.

Diverse Races

Play amongst one of our 13 unique races, like the peaceful galactic force, the Asherah Protectors.
Join the bloody Cult of Kioteph and bring your god to the universe.
Ditch the flesh and become one of many machine races, like the Xerobots or the Dienforem.

Play now on Android or iOS

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